Yoga & Meditation

Cultivate a healthy body and quiet mind to unlock your creative potential.

Resilience requires slowing down to speed up.

With our fast-paced careers, mental distractions, physical tension, and emotional stress can arise, making it harder to stay focus, joyful, and resilient at work. Building resilience becomes essential for sustaining our active lifestyle and living an extraordinary life. Slowing down to reset and replenish the mind, body and heart helps us achieve our goals with greater effectiveness, well-being and happiness.

Over the last decade, yoga and meditation has gained popularity with workout enthusiasts, seasoned meditators as well as with business executives and athletes to reap the vast health and workplace benefits:

  • Reduced symptoms of stress, anxiety, fatigue, and depression.
  • Reduced chronic pain such as carpal tunnel syndrome or arthritis.
  • Improved quality of life and well-being.
  • Promoted quality sleep and relaxation.
  • Improved flexibility, strength, and balance,
  • Increased focus, mental clarity, decision making, and emotional resilience.
Your health, well-being, and happiness is a top priority.

Whether you are a first-time student or seasoned practitioner, Mary meets you where you are at on your journey.

Mary offers yoga and mindfulness meditation on-demand classes and private sessions to help you stay healthy, resilient, and perform at your best, even in the most challenging situations. Her private sessions are tailored to support your specific needs. Contact Mary to schedule your private session.


A relaxed body leads to a focused, clear mind.

Originally taught in India, yoga goes beyond building a strong, flexible body—it cultivates a deeper mind-body awareness. When we relax and balance the physical body, we bring more focus and stillness to the mind. Yoga, meaning “to yoke” or “union”, helps us integrate the mind and body to our innate intelligence. It grounds us in the present moment, allowing us to “be here now”. Through a series of postures and mindful breathing, we open the body to deeper levels of well-being, vital energy, and mental balance to counteract the stressors and challenges of life.

We offer flow and therapeutic-based yoga classes to support you in strengthening and relaxing your mind and body. Mindful flow yoga helps build strength, alignment and flexibility while therapeutic yoga (restorative, yin, and Nidra) helps alleviate stress through deep relaxation and muscle and tissue release.

Mindful Flow Yoga
Mindful Flow Yoga

Mindful Flow yoga is a creative, seamless and intelligent flow of postures—a moving meditation—that consciously connects the breath with each posture to move toward an inner harmony of body and mind. This practice grounds you in the present moment, releases body tension, and expands your awareness and vital energy, Using sun salutations, standing, seated, hip-opening, and inversion poses, this yoga helps build strength, balance, steadiness, flexibility, and resilience to meet the challenges and joys of life. This practice concludes with a relaxing meditation to integrate your energy and ground you in a place of deep clarity and serenity attuned to your authentic presence.

Restorative Yoga
Restorative Yoga

Restorative yoga is a relaxing style of yoga aimed to rebalance the nervous system and deepen your self-awareness. This practice is perfect for slowing down and releasing body tension after a stressful day. Using props, such as bolsters, blankets, straps, and blocks, this practice guides you to hold poses for longer periods of time while giving the benefits of deep, passive stretching. Through a slow sequence of postures and mindful breathing, it activates the parasympathetic nervous system, allowing the body to deeply relax and regulate to a calm state. With sustained practice, you will enjoy mental and emotional balance and restful sleep.

Yin Yoga
Yin Yoga

Yin yoga is a slow, soothing, and meditative style of yoga. It targets the deep connective tissues, bones, joints, fascia, and ligaments in the body. This practice uses props and holds poses up to four minutes to stimulate the different acupressure points in traditional Chinese medicine. The benefits of this practice include reduced stress, increased circulation, relief of tension, improved flexibility, and a deeper body-mind awareness of our physical, mental, and emotional states. It rebalances the nervous system through diaphragmatic breathing, which helps regulate of our blood pressure, sleep, digestion, hormones, and immune function.

Yoga Nidra
Yoga Nidra

Yoga Nidra, meaning “yogic sleep”, is a powerful practice that induces total physical, mental, and emotional relaxation. This class includes some gentle yoga postures to relax the body and settle the mind, followed by a guided meditation. While lying in the restorative posture (savasana), you will be gently guided to scan and sense each body part from your head to your toes while maintaining conscious awareness. With every breath, you let go of tension and surrender into a receptive state of relaxation. The deep relaxation helps release physical tension while creating mental balance leaving you feeling renewed, restored and inspired.

Mindfulness Meditation

An empty mind is a creative mind of infinite possibilities.

Meditation is an ancient practice used for quieting the mind. Originating from Hindu and Buddhist traditions for over five thousand years, meditation is now widely offered as a stress-reduction and mind-training method in corporations and communities around the world. It trains our attention and awareness to achieve more mental clarity, emotional balance, and deeper states of relaxation, well-being, and self-realization. To be mindful is to be fully present in the here and now, not ruminating on the past or anticipating or worrying about the future. When we are in a state of mindfulness, we are aware of our thoughts, emotions, and sensations without judgment and as neutral observers. We are able to embrace whatever arises with compassion and awareness. With daily mind training, you will create new neural pathways and cultivate a palpable stillness, aliveness, clarity, and joy.

Mary offer three types of mindfulness meditations: focused attention, open awareness and mind-body-heart practices.

Focused Attention

This meditation trains the mind to be relaxed, focused, and clear while focusing on a single object. Through conscious breathing, body scanning, breath counting, and other techniques, we release body tension, cultivate presence, and explore our inner world with a relaxed, focused and beginner’s mind.

Open Awareness

This meditation expands us to the full spectrum of our direct experience. We embrace whatever arises in our inner world and neutrally observe our thoughts, emotions, and body sensations with no judgement. As we settle the mind and rest in awareness, we find genuine happiness and deeper insights of our potential and true nature.

Mind-Body-Heart Practices

This meditation explores the interconnection of our mind, heart and body intelligences to build greater emotional and mental well-being. Through somatic, compassion, forgiveness, and kindness practices, we explore our true self to cultivate loving awareness, grounded presence, freedom, and a courageous heart.