Team Performance

Build a high-performing team that delivers winning results.

The Power of Teams

As the old adage says: “the whole is greater than the sum of its parts”. Becoming a high-performing team isn’t a guarantee no matter how long you work together. Teams that produce extraordinary results which drive innovation, create revenue, and function collaboratively require the right leadership, the right culture, and the right framework.

In today’s changing workplace, work often gets done with teams that are virtual, diverse, cross-functional, and geographically dispersed. Teams are critical to business success. They are responsible for delivering new products or services to the marketplace quickly or leading initiatives that transform the business. Staying ahead of the competition requires building teams that are trustworthy, innovative, agile, and collaborative, as well as play to their strengths to grow their careers and add business value.

Gallup (2018) analyzed 230 different engagement studies to determine how well employee engagement predicts key performance outcomes. These studies spanned 192 organizations in 49 industries and 73 countries and covered 1.8 million employees or 82,000 teams. The research confirmed that when teams play to their strengths, employee engagement and business performance increases.


10% increase in customer satisfaction


17% increase in productivity


21% increase in profitability


24% reduction in turnover


41% reduction in absenteeism

Statistics from Gallup (2018).

Mary’s committed to helping leaders make these outcomes a reality.

She provides high-impact team development solutions that are research-based, customized, experiential, metrics-driven, and aligned to your team and business objectives. You will be equipped to build an engaged and empowered team that fosters trust, collaboration and excellence while achieving breakthrough results.

What to Expect

Trusting Partnership

Custom designed team development program that achieves desired outcomes.

Team Insights

Team interviews, summarized report, and/or research-based assessments such as Leadership Circle, StandOut, Enneagram, PQ Mental Fitness, Everything DiSC, or Five Behaviors of a Cohesive Team to get a holistic view of your team’s strengths and opportunities.

Experiential Learning

An interactive and impactful team workshop designed to cultivate deeper team trust and collaboration, resolve team dynamics, and develop innovative strategies that drive desired results.

Team Growth Plan

Specific goals, success measures, and actions to accelerate learning and outcomes after the workshop.

High-Impact Team Coaching

Highly confidential team coaching during or after workshop to reinforce new behaviors, mindsets, and skills to help foster positive, sustainable changes.

Thank you for facilitating a meaningful session for Scott and his leadership team on Standout Strengths. The dialogue helped us better understand who we are as a team and how we should operate in the future. There was a lot of planning and effort that you put into this which resulted in a real impact for the team. Thank you—we truly showed up as One HR. I appreciate all your efforts in making this a success under short notice.

Melissa G., Cisco HR Director, Engineering

Client Successes

  • Built high-performing team culture that fosters safety, trust, collaboration, accountability, agility, and innovation.
  • Enhanced team skills in managing conflict, effective communications, emotional resilience, and stakeholder management.
  • Developed the skills for healthy dialogue to support strategic planning and creatively solve business challenges.
  • Increased awareness of team strengths, blind spots and development areas to support career and business needs.
  • Gained industry best-practices in team excellence to get ahead of the competition.

Lead a team that wins together..