Personal Well-being

End burnout and live your best life.

Live a happier and healthier life.

In this ever-changing, uncertain world, it’s easy to get caught up with the busyness and pressure of life and endless “to-do” lists, leaving little time for self-reflection, self-care, and personal growth. Your work demands may be never-ending and unfulfilling—and your dreams shelved to the “someday” list. Perhaps you are longing to make a difference and have no clue where to start. Or, maybe you feel burned out, anxious and overwhelmed, or stuck in your career—making it challenging to move forward, realize your goals and create more well-being.

It’s time to reset, realign, reinvent, and find your true north — a life that works for you. If you are ready to:

  • Be happier, healthier, and create an inspired life that brings you more ease and joy.
  • Make a meaningful contribution aligned to your unique talents without compromising your well-being.
  • Explore your greatest potential, increase your self-awareness, and create healthier relationships.
  • Overcome self-sabotaging behaviors such as self-doubt and self-judgment.
  • Build emotional, physical, and mental resilience to navigate change and uncertainty without burning out.

Then, this well-being coaching program is for you!

Your personal success is top priority.

Mary meets you on your life journey and partners with you to:

  • Crystalize your life purpose, vision, strengths, and goals, and create a plan to make your vision an exciting reality.
  • Build emotional, mental, and physical resilience to end the cycle of burnout and navigate stressful situations with more joy and ease.
  • Cultivate more health, well-being, and happiness through personalized yoga, meditation, and mindfulness practices.
  • Grow the skills and mindset to live your purpose with unshakeable confidence.

Her personal coaching approach is integrative, results-focused, personalized, and strengths-based. With leading-edge best practices and expert guidance you will be inspired to achieve your personal goals with breakthrough results.

What to Expect

Trusting Partnership

Custom designed personal development program to achieve desired outcomes.

Personal Insights

Whole-person assessments to clarify your strengths, values, purpose, vision, skills, and growth areas, using the Enneagram, StandOut, PQ Mental Fitness, or Emotional Intelligence.

Growth Plan

Specific goals, practices and actions to accelerate learning and outcomes.

Best Practices

Evidence-based tools to accelerate learning and results such as yoga, mindfulness meditation, and emotional intelligence.

Personalized Coaching

Coaching packages are personalized and confidential ranging from 6 to 12 sessions over a three to twelve-month period, depending on your specific needs. Delivered online with video.

Mary is a phenomenally authentic leader and empowering leadership coach. Thanks to her mentoring, guidance and coaching, I gained practical insights on managing my career proactively and growing personally and professionally. Every hour of personalized coaching and learning spent with Mary always inspired me to action. She provided me strategies, tools, and best practices in career planning, leading change, personal development and mindfulness, that are part of my lifelong toolkit for sustainable growth and balance. I highly recommend Mary to anyone wanting career growth, personal and professional transformation, and leadership evolution.”

Varsha Kanwar, Director, Customer Experience Platform Group, Cisco

Working with Mary as my executive coach was a true pleasure. Through mindfulness and introspection, I learned how changing others’ perception is a moving goal post and a huge burden. I now experience greater fulfillment and impact in being my authentic self in leading my team and business.

Mala Krishnan, Senior Director, Product Management, Cisco

I have worked with Mary as part of my own coaching certification. I cannot recommend her highly enough! With Mary’s compassionate and insightful coaching, I have grown tremendously, resulting in my recent promotion at work, and finally having the courage to start my own business. I experience greater presence, clarity and courage in daily life, and in dealing with tough H.R. situations. I highly recommend Mary’s coaching, without reservation. Thank you, Mary!

Joanne Gordon, Principal, The Full Circle Journey and former VP, Human Resources, Tintri

Participating in Stanford’s mindfulness program made a big difference in my life. The program is much more than practicing meditation. It equipped me with the tools to build resilience and awareness of my physical, mental and emotional states while helping me channel my energy and work into effective strategies to live a more balanced life. The resources were rich with great tips on how to approach daily activities more mindfully and present rather than getting lost in the act of “multitasking.” After taking the course, I have a greater sense of enjoyment in my work and developed a healthier and career sustaining approach for managing challenging situations.

Hannah B., Stanford Physician

Good coaches guide you through challenging moments or teach you skills to solve challenges for life. Mary does both. Her 15+ years of corporate experience combined with a deep mindfulness background, helped me not only navigate challenging stakeholders, but also gave me a framework to expand my self-awareness and lead with more authenticity and vision to inspire my team to grow and succeed. Her unique, skillful coaching approach enabled me to discover my own answers and equipped me with the tools for achieving my career and personal goals. More importantly, my family and team have noticed a more engaged, present, and happy father and leader. Thank you Mary!

Adam Holloway, Director, Global Sales, Cisco

Client Successes

  • Landed their dream jobs – experiencing more meaning, purpose and contribution.
  • Increased confidence and compassion to facilitate difficult conversations with family, friends, and co-workers.
  • Experienced more vitality, aliveness, and success and doing what they love.
  • More emotional resilience to navigate changes with more joy, ease, and courage.
  • Increased physical, emotional, and mental awareness, health and well-being.

Live a life that brings you joy not burnout.