Leadership Development

Amplify your leadership presence and influence.

Leading for Success in the 21st Century

Being a leader in today’s global, fast-pace economy can be challenging, but it does not need to be hard. Leaders are pivotal to building great teams and businesses that deliver exceptional value to customers and shareholders more than ever. As leaders move up the leadership ranks, their role becomes more uncertain and complex to meet the needs of their team, cross functional partners, leadership team, and customers while growing the business.

The new normal for leaders is:

  • Building a high-performing, diverse and inclusive team across geographies
  • Innovating new business models or products to stay relevant in the marketplace
  • Influencing upward to management to drive critical decisions
  • Working collaboratively across functions to design integrative solutions
  • Managing competing priorities with less resources and time constraints without burning out
  • Navigating constant organizational changes and office politics to align to company strategy
  • Communicating their ideas clearly and concisely with presence and conviction
  • Gaining the skills, experience, and visibility to move to the next level

Being a leader has its rewards, but can be difficult managing all these responsibilities to ensure success.

Burned Out

67% of employees are sometimes, very often or always burned out at work, impacting their health and performance.


35% of people are highly engaged at work while 65 percent are actively disengaged.

Preventable Attrition

52% of exiting employees say their manager or organization could have done something to prevent them from leaving the company.

Statistics from Gallup (2019) workplace analytics.

Your leadership success is top priority.

Whether you are a first-time manager leading a team or senior executive leading a business, Mary partners with you to:

  • Build the skills and mindset to mindfully lead with your strengths and authentic leadership style to build trusting relationships and profitable businesses.
  • Develop diverse, collaborative, engaged, and trusting teams to grow their careers and make a difference for the company.
  • Elevate your leadership brand and presence to influence, inspire and lead change.
  • Cultivate more meaning, purpose, happiness, resilience, creativity, and confidence to play your best game at work.
  • Accelerate your growth and elevate your impact to move to your next leadership level.

Her leadership coaching approach is integrative, results-focused, personalized, and strengths-based. This learning experience elevates you to lead with authenticity and unshakeable confidence while achieving breakthrough results.

What to Expect

Trusting Partnership

Custom designed leadership development program to achieve desired outcomes.

Leader Insights

Stakeholder interviews or assessments (e.g., Hogan, Enneagram, StandOut, Leadership Circle, Emotional Intelligence) to identify strengths and opportunities to elevate leadership impact.

Growth Plan

Specific goals, success measures, and actions to accelerate learning and outcomes.

Best Practices

Leading Change, Emotional Intelligence, Organization Design, Team Engagement, Communications, Executive Presence, Time Management, Career Development, Stress Management & Resilience, Mindfulness, and much more.

High Impact Coaching

Highly confidential and personalized coaching from 6 to 12 sessions over 3 to 12-month period, depending on specific needs. Delivered online with video.

Coaching with Mary has been invaluable for my professional and personal development. I am very happy with the results I achieved with Mary’s inspiring guidance.  Her vast experience, deep listening and compassionate approach helped me clarify what is important and take action to achieve my goals quickly and with more confidence.  Her powerful questions, and relevant resources and practices expanded and accelerated my learning. Mary is an expert at what she does and I highly recommend her as a leadership coach.

Agnieszka Kaminska, Finance and Operations Lead, Facebook

I have been working with Mary over the last 4 months and have enjoyed every minute of it!  Her insights and coaching have helped me grow in my leadership, awareness and as a person.  She has exceeded my expectations by a long shot! Mary has a style that makes you feel at ease and brings out the best in you.  She cares.  My only regret is that I didn’t work with her 10 years sooner.  Thank you for your passion, caring, and expert advice!

Ray Tozer, Senior Manager, Customer Experience, Cisco
Mary has been absolutely pivotal to my success.  She is a phenomenal coach who knows how to quickly get to core issues forcing introspection, hard work and change.  Her coaching style felt unique to me through questioning, probing, and allowing me to reach my own conclusions while at the same time bringing a wealth of experience from years of helping others. A very mindful teacher.
Randy Mosteller, Director, Americas Renewals, Cisco

I have worked with Mary as part of my own coaching certification. I cannot recommend her highly enough! With Mary’s compassionate and insightful coaching, I have grown tremendously, resulting in my recent promotion at work, and finally having the courage to start my own business. I experience greater presence, clarity and courage in daily life, and in dealing with tough H.R. situations. I highly recommend Mary’s coaching, without reservation. Thank you, Mary!

Joanne Gordon, Principal, The Full Circle Journey and former VP, Human Resources, Tintri

Working with Mary as my executive coach was a true pleasure. Through mindfulness and introspection, I learned how changing others’ perception is a moving goal post and a huge burden. I now experience greater fulfillment and impact in being my authentic self in leading my team and business.

Mala Krishnan, Senior Director, Product Management, Cisco

Thank you, Mary for your exceptional coaching, valuable insights, and amazing guidance. I am thrilled with all the positive results and the impact it made in my life both mentally and physically. Your strategic and skillful coaching helped me to successfully accomplish my goals, develop and promote my strong leadership skills, build my confidence, be resilient, and drive for excellence without burning out. It was an enriching and memorable experience.

Maricel Cruda, Senior Manager, Communications, Cisco

Partnering with Mary truly unlocked my greatest potential in my new Director role. Through her thoughtful and compassionate coaching style, I grew my confidence and impact exponentially. She helped me explore thought patterns and clarify what mattered most. As a result, I established a clear, inspiring vision and accelerated uniting my team and aligning to the broad organization strategy. I felt more confident to have courageous, transparent conversations with direct reports, resulting in deeper trust, motivation, and higher performance. Most importantly, I developed new habits for maintaining work-life balance, mental well-being, and showing up as my best self. I can confidently say after working with Mary, I experience more joy at work and in my personal life along with more meaningful connections. I am so grateful that our paths crossed.

Sharon Martin, Director, Systems Engineering, Cisco

Thank you for all you your incredible coaching over the past 6 months. I have felt and seen a difference in my confidence and presentation skills and have received great feedback from others. You have an amazing talent to help drive change and build confidence. It has been a pleasure and honor to work with you. I know this is a huge investment for Cisco and I am truly grateful.

Carol Martinez, Director, Customer Service, Cisco

The leadership coaching experience I had was outstanding. Mary helped me understand my strengths and motivations, and how to leverage my leadership more while building a stronger team and maximizing my time. Overall, the coaching helped me balance and reprioritize my professional commitments, and clarify my values and what matters most.  As a result of my efforts, my team won the Innovation Award launching the Digital Solutions Integrator program and I am doing work that brings out the best in my leadership.

Bryan MCarthy, Senior Manager, Sales and Business Development, Cisco

Good coaches guide you through challenging moments or teach you skills to solve challenges for life. Mary does both. Her 15+ years of corporate experience combined with a deep mindfulness background, helped me not only navigate challenging stakeholders, but also gave me a framework to expand my self-awareness and lead with more authenticity and vision to inspire my team to grow and succeed. Her unique, skillful coaching approach enabled me to discover my own answers and equipped me with the tools for achieving my career and personal goals. More importantly, my family and team have noticed a more engaged, present, and happy father and leader. Thank you Mary!

Adam Holloway, Director, Global Sales, Cisco

Working with Mary was a game-changer! Mary’s excellent methodical approach to coaching accelerated my results. From establishing specific goals to asking the right questions, I was able to clarify and build the skillset to up level my leadership effectiveness.  Every coaching session was complemented with concrete action items and resources to stimulate my growth and learning.  I now have the tools and greater awareness of my authentic leadership and communication style, and have moved into a new, exciting leadership role in SP automation to expand my influence.

Anna Wielosz, Director, Cisco SP Platform

Client Successes

  • Got promoted to the next leadership level or landed a new role that maximizes their strengths and passion.
  • Built a high-performing team that is happy, trustworthy, agile, and innovative.
  • Scaled leadership through developing strong managers and effective delegation.
  • Delivered an executive-level presentation with rave reviews.
  • More confident in handling tough conversations to create win-win outcomes.
  • Increased executive presence—communicating clear, concise and impactful messages.
  • Expanded self-awareness of strengths and blind spots to lead from a place of authenticity, integrity and inspired vision.
  • Defined leadership brand with greater clarity and conviction.
  • Led business transformation initiatives with renewed confidence and influence.
  • Increased emotional resilience, focused attention, well-being, and happiness.

Are you ready to grow your leadership impact?