The Enneagram is a powerful development tool, rooted in modern psychology and ancient wisdom, that describes our human psyche through nine distinct interconnected personality types for relating to ourselves, others and the world.

It offers in-depth insight to leaders and teams by uncovering their unique strengths, motivations, stress patterns and other habitual patterns of thinking and feeling that drives and motivates them to act in certain ways. When you understand your habitual patterns for leading or relating with people, you are more liberated to consciously show up at work and in everyday life with more clarity, joy, authenticity, aliveness, confidence and success.

The Enneagram benefits leaders and teams by:

  • Revealing their unique personality style, strengths, motivations,¬† values, and blindspots
  • Providing strategies to grow and mature into the best version of themselves¬†
  • Increasing awareness, appreciation and compassion for themselves, colleagues, managers, spouses and other relationships
  • Enhancing their communications and trust with team members while minimizing interpersonal conflicts
Enneagram Personality Types diagram

Self-awareness is the gateway to your greatness.