Career Growth

Fall in love with your career again.

Create your dream job and level up your skills.

Today’s dynamic job market requires us to grow our careers and skills to stay relevant, be resilient, and deliver value while balancing our personal lives. The old ideal of retiring after 40 years with one company with a pension plan is no longer the reality in the 21st century. An average person will change careers up to 7 times during their working life. These changes can include:

  • Leaving your job to go back to school to develop a new skills and knowledge.
  • Starting a new job or career more aligned to your strengths and purpose.
  • Up-leveling your skills and experience to get a promotion.
  • Getting laid off from a job due to company restructuring.
  • Wanting a job change due to the constant burnout, overwhelm, and dissatisfaction.
  • Entering the workforce after graduating college or raising children.
  • Retiring from a career and wanting to follow a deeper heart calling.

No matter where you are in your career journey, Mary helps you find your next job or career that maximizes your unique talents and is deeply fulfilling.

She partners with you to:

  • Crystalize your career goals, values, vision, strengths, skills, and growth areas.
  • Create a plan for you to land a fulfilling job, get promoted to the next level, or start a new business.
  • Evolve your resume and LinkedIn profile that aligns to your authentic personal brand.
  • Build the skills you need to be relevant, confident, resilient, and impactful at work.
  • Build your professional network to make the right connections.
  • Interview with confidence to make a lasting impression.

Her career coaching approach is integrative, results-focused, personalized, and strengths-based. With leading-edge best practices and expert guidance you will be empowered to achieve your career goals with breakthrough results.

What to Expect

Trusting Partnership

Custom designed career development program to achieve desired outcomes.

Personal Insights

Career assessments to clarify your strengths, values, purpose, vision, skills, and growth areas, such as the Enneagram, StandOut, MBTI, or Strengths Finder.

Growth Plan

Specific goals, practices and actions to accelerate learning and outcomes.

Best Practices

Personal branding, resume writing, interviewing, networking, and managing stress.

Personalized Coaching

Coaching packages are personalized and confidential ranging from 6 to 12 sessions over a three to twelve-month period, depending on your specific needs. Delivered online with video.

Mary is an amazing and insightful coach with endless repertoire of tools to help you figure out what is holding you back to move forward with your life. Her passion to inspire people to reach their desired leadership potential is obvious through her follow up and personalized coaching approach. Her drive, diligence and good heart will make a difference in people’s careers and lives. I can’t recommend Mary enough!

Eva Szabadi, Manager, IT Program Management Office, Hitachi

Mary is a phenomenally authentic leader and empowering leadership coach. Thanks to her mentoring, guidance and coaching, I gained practical insights on managing my career proactively and growing personally and professionally. Every hour of personalized coaching and learning spent with Mary always inspired me to action. She provided me strategies, tools, and best practices in career planning, leading change, personal development and mindfulness, that are part of my lifelong toolkit for sustainable growth and balance. I highly recommend Mary to anyone wanting career growth, personal and professional transformation, and leadership evolution.”

Varsha Kanwar, Director, Customer Experience Platform Group, Cisco

I worked with Mary Mosham to navigate a career transition. With her vast coaching experience, leadership skills, Enneagram expertise, and corporate background, we crafted a practical plan based on my unique personality, goals and circumstances. Mary helped me revamp my resume and personal brand to find a new role in the education industry that was more rewarding. Her guidance, insights, and tools helped me navigate this big life change with more ease and courage. As a result of our coaching sessions, I found a job I loved. I can’t imagine getting this far without Mary’s strategies, grounding practices and encouragement. I recommend Mary without hesitation to anyone seeking a coach for personal and career growth.

Sarah G., Teacher at San Carlos School District

I have been working with Mary over the last 4 months and have enjoyed every minute of it!  Her insights and coaching have helped me grow in my leadership, awareness and as a person.  She has exceeded my expectations by a long shot! Mary has a style that makes you feel at ease and brings out the best in you.  She cares.  My only regret is that I didn’t work with her 10 years sooner.  Thank you for your passion, caring, and expert advice!

Ray Tozer, Senior Manager, Customer Experience, Cisco

Mary is an exceptional executive coach with a heart of gold. She fully understands that all coaching begins with the individual and approaches her practice from that perspective. We worked together during a time of personal and professional transition. She was always authentic and empathetic while holding me accountable for my coaching assignments. Her enlightened observations helped me expand my self awareness, improve my personal and professional relationships, and become a better leader.

Jeff Zirker, Chief Experience Officer, Select Group

Client Successes

Landed their perfect job!

  • Head of Technology for a growing start-up company
  • Senior Director of Data Analytics and Integration
  • Senior Director of Customer Success
  • Head of AI & Research
  • Chief Officer of Customer Experience
  • Director of Sales Renewals
  • Director of Technical Program Management
  • Senior Manager of Digital Transformation
  • Senior Manager of Customer Experience
  • Senior Director of Engineering leading sales automation
  • Senior Director of Engineering for Optics business
  • And many more

Your perfect job is waiting for you.