Meet Mary Mosham

Hello, I’m Mary. I’m a master certified leadership coach, motivational facilitator, and author. With over 20 years experience in corporate change management, leadership development, and personal transformation, I partner with leaders to grow their potential, create purposeful careers and legacies, and high-performing teams with success, happiness and resilience.

Whether you need guidance in elevating your leadership impact, communicating with confidence, building a high-performance team, navigating your career with ease, getting promoted to the next level, and/or overcoming burnout or self-sabotage, we work together to develop the skills, mindsets, and strategies to thrive on your journey.

Mary Mosham

Latest Book Release!

Mindful Career: Seven Keys to End Burnout and Unlock Your Greatest Potential by Mary Mosham.

Mary reveals seven time-tested keys and 30+ powerful, evidence-based tools for ending burnout and unlocking your greatest potential. Learn how to build resilience and live your best career and life with greater success, happiness, and resilience. Listen to excerpt.

Mindful Career: Seven Keys to End Burnout and Unlock Your Greatest Potential


Mary has been one of the best managers that I’ve worked for in my career! She is very thoughtful in her approach to business and people. She is highly experienced in change management, organizational effectiveness, professional coaching and employee engagement. If I had to summarize Mary, she is a strong team player that you’d want in your organization that can help bring clarity to some pretty complex business issues/challenges. Mary is absolutely a gem and I would highly recommend her!

Cybil Alexander, Senior Communications Manager, Cisco

Partnering with Mary truly unlocked my greatest potential in my new Director role. Through her thoughtful and compassionate coaching style, I grew my confidence and impact exponentially. She helped me explore thought patterns and clarify what mattered most. As a result, I established a clear, inspiring vision, and accelerated uniting my team and aligning to the broad organization strategy. I felt more confident to have courageous, transparent conversations with direct reports, resulting in deeper trust, motivation, and higher performance. Most importantly, I developed new habits for maintaining work-life balance, mental well-being, and showing up as my best self. I can confidently say after working with Mary, I experience more joy at work and in my personal life along with more meaningful connections. I am so grateful that our paths crossed.

Sharon Martin, Director, Systems Engineering, Cisco

Mary has been absolutely pivotal to my success.  She is a phenomenal coach who knows how to quickly get to core issues forcing introspection, hard work and change.  Her coaching style felt unique to me through questioning, probing, and allowing me to reach my own conclusions while at the same time bringing a wealth of experience from years of helping others. A very mindful teacher.

Randy Mosteller, Director, Americas Renewals, Cisco

Mary is an exceptional executive coach with a heart of gold. She fully understands that all coaching begins with the individual and approaches her practice from that perspective. We worked together during a time of personal and professional transition. She was always authentic and empathetic while holding me accountable for my coaching assignments. Her enlightened observations helped me expand my self awareness, improve my personal and professional relationships, and become a better leader. 

Jeff Zirker, Chief Experience Officer, Select Group

Working with Mary as my executive coach was a true pleasure. Through mindfulness and introspection, I learned how changing others’ perception is a moving goal post and a huge burden. I now experience greater fulfillment and impact in being my authentic self in leading my team and business.

Mala Krishnan, Senior Director, Product Management, Cisco

Mary was a key member of my team and it was a pleasure working with her. She is one of the top experts in change management that I’ve come across, and I can see her thriving in a variety of roles across the business. She is always organized and delivers high quality results. Thanks Mary for all your contributions and hard work.

Patrick Tam, Senior Director, Operations, Cisco

Working with Mary was a game-changer! Mary’s excellent methodical approach to coaching accelerated my results. From establishing specific goals to asking the right questions, I was able to clarify and build the skillset to up level my leadership effectiveness. Every coaching session was complemented with concrete action items and resources to stimulate my growth and learning. I now have the tools and greater awareness of my authentic leadership and communication style, and have moved into a new, exciting leadership role in SP automation to expand my influence.

Anna Wielosz, Director, Cisco SP Platform

Thank you, Mary for your exceptional coaching, valuable insights, and amazing guidance. I am thrilled with all the positive results and the impact it made in my life both mentally and physically. Your strategic and skillful coaching helped me to successfully accomplish my goals, develop and promote my strong leadership skills, build my confidence, be resilient, and drive for excellence without burning out. It was an enriching and memorable experience.

Maricel Cruda, Senior Manager, Communications, Cisco
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